Purest essential nutrients with orthomolecular quality and a stable form

The business model of GlaxtonBiotech® is based on innovation and quality. We achieve expedient synergies by collaborating with a global network of partners from technology, research and marketing in an effort to manufacture unique, safe and therapeutic compounds and products using ingredients from natural sources.

An international team of researchers consisting of biochemists, ecotrophologists, gerontologists and anti-aging experts has been commissioned by GlaxtonBiotech® to work permanently on researching and developing very efficient nutrients in a highly concentrated and purest form.

As a result of extensive research and development programs, GlaxtonBiotech® boasts a growing portfolio of patented and patent-pending platform technologies. These cutting-edge technologies open the door to trailblazing possibilities for the development and marketing of innovative products. Their effectiveness has been proven in many clinical studies, and they are formulated solely with standardized and proprietary technologies.