Pure Nature

Highly pure essential natural products in orthomolecular quality

Our formulas take the findings of modern orthomolecular medicine into consideration. GlaxtonBiotech® offers a range of natural products which have proven in clinical tests that they can support the specific needs of aging adults. The systematic implementation of a large pool of research results guarantees ideal formulas which we develop with a view to the special requirements of aging individuals.

Real Health

Higher bioavailability = Optimized effectiveness

An international team of researchers consisting of biochemists, ecotrophologists, gerontologists and anti-aging experts has been commissioned by GlaxtonBiotech® to work on an ongoing basis on researching and developing highly efficient nutrients in a highly concentrated and purest form. Our formulas consider interactions among vitamins, minerals and micronutrients to increase the bioavailability and hence the efficiency effect.

Real Guarantee

GlaxtonBiotech® guarantees the best certified quality

All of the products from GlaxtonBiotech® are produced in an operation that is certified according to ISO 9001. This is the highest possible certification in the food sector. This ensures the most professional, transparent and safest production processes and thus the highest product quality.